5 Things Fame Requires: Passion, Talent, Money, Commitment and Media

Fame Requires: Passion, Talent, Money, Commitment Will Make You Star

Fame Requires: Passion, Talent, Money, Commitment Will Make You Star

No matter who we are we all want to be a star in whatever we are doing including religion ministers clergy crave for star no wonder pastors and imam televise there preaching and miracles and native doctors are no more carrying. Because people are doing anything to have fame.

Musicians singing senseless music all because of fame ladies stripping naked in movies all because they want to be a star let’s now look at it how does money relate with fame i have heard of many stars who are poor and have heard of many rich people that are not well known even in both movie and music industries and we still merge both money and fame together yes we will because you can buy fame if you have money, also remembered star attract money but it depends on the industry you are.

There are five things you need to have for you to make it big in entertainment industry:-
1. Passion
2. Talent
3. Money
4. Commitment
5. Media

1. Passion: if you have burning passion to be anything in entertainment industry you will be unstoppable ask any already made top star.

2. Talent: talent is very important though it’s not enough sometimes talent attract some investor but the problem is there so many talented people out there that investors there self don’t know which one to choose for instance if you notice the judge of most reality shows you will observe they also get lost when they see that all the contestant are talented that’s why they count on people’s vote and most time the best talented individual don’t win because of people sentiment and no matter how talented you are you need passion to activate it.

3. Money: money is very important you need money to become star in today’s entertainment industry or else you have much sacrifice is’s much easier for ladies who are willing to give there body though if she doesn’t know the right person to give her body, she will just be used and thrown out… for guys be ready to attach,serve and swallow your pride above all you need to be passionate about it.

4. Commitment:you can become star outside the industry by being committed doing crazy things in your field of career, making people to notice you even if your community don’t show you love or no support from any person just keep doing it. upgrade your career, how you dress, look for opportunities and do short videos to promote you little beginning, it might go viral you will be known or by attaching to a star in one way or the other for instance if if you have encounter with a star Kim Kardashian wasn’t known and i never knew …………..the guy she did sex tape with is brandy younger brother if kanye west wasn’t involved alot of people releases sex tape everyday nothing is special about and many guys were known `by doin funny skit outside the industry all it takes is creativity and if you are lucky that it goes viral.

5. Media link: it’s very important you get the right link because looking at it today there are so many scammers out there exploiting money from people in the name of fame so many fake auditions and marketers if anybody tell you he can make you a star ask him or her how many people has he or she turn to a star. Don’t be afraid to visit media houses for consultation on how to promote your video with them.

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