How to get thousands of vote for MTN Y’ello star contest

Applying for the MTN Y’ello star is very very easy, but how do you stand the chance to be nominated? knowing how to sing is not what might qualify’s you. We advice you to first read and understand the terms and condition of the programme “MTN Y’ello star”, follow the procedure as stated.

After taking your time to understand the contest, proceed to apply for the “MTN Y’ello star” online, fill the form as required, to submit your video use a good camera or phone camera to record yourself, remember people like quality video and good music try to find phone with good camera to use, your song must have story-line, rhymes, and good voice just to attract people to vote for you.

8 step on how to get thousands of vote for MTN Y’ello star contest

  1. Find a very good touching song, practice the song before you re-voice it.
  2. Invite your friend to record via camera or phone camera you while you sing your version of the song.
  3. Please do it better, don’t just carry your face and start showing people.
  4. Add passion to the song as if you newly fall in love or love is sharking you.
  5. Share the video to people’s time line on social media.
  6. Compose a catching story about the song that will attract people to watch the video
  7. Just keep doing it until you see response, but if no response then rewrite your story and do it again
  8. If the version of the song you share is well known to people surely it will make them vote for you, it might be your voice, passion or the song.

Wishing you good luck.

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