Keanu Reeves Bringing Mom As His Date To Eminem Singing ‘Lose Yourself’, 15 Fun Moments From Oscars

#1 Keanu Reeves brought his mother to Oscars and everyone confused her as his girlfriend.

#2 Seventeen years after his Oscar win, Eminem performed on Lose Yourself and fans went berserk.

#3 Martin Scorsese seemingly fell asleep during Eminem’s performance and his expressions became a fodder for memes.

#4 Joaquin Phoenix and fiancée Rooney Mara walked hand-in-hand as they showed PDA on red carpet.

#5 Director Spike Lee honoured Kobe Bryant with purple and gold suit!

#6 Tom Hanks dropped and did push-ups with a U.S. Army Sergeant on the red carpet.

#7 Brie Larson caught Taika Watiti sneaking his Oscar trophy under the chair.

#8 Natalie Portman took a sly dig at the Oscars by wearing a cape that had last names of eight women directors snubbed at the award ceremony.

#9 Rebel Wilson and James Corden presented the awards decked out in head to toe cats costumes.

#10 Parasite won best picture award and made history.

#11 Brad Pitt won his first acting Oscars and got a hug from co-star Leonardo DiCaprio.

#12 Indian-American rapper Utkarsh Ambudkar made waves with his awesome performance.

#13 Elton John’s performance on Love Me Again got the whole room grooving.

#14 Joaquin Phoenix’s gave the most rambling but heartfelt speech on his Best Actor Oscar win.

#15 Bong Joon-Ho promised to drink all night until next morning after big win.

“I’m ready to drink tonight,” he said as he left the stage.


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