The best way to get out of Africa or die trying?

The best way to get out of Africa or die trying?

I have two answers for you; the first one will please you and the second may annoy you if you have a closed mind. So, I am sorry in advance with no apology.

Season 1: Sugar/Honey

For a clean “get out of” Africa for a break, search and apply for a scholarship. If you are a lucky awardee, go to developed countries with dignity on a student visa, get a sound education and (1) Go back and help correct those things that chase your mind out to plan a “get out” (2) Student visa gives you ample time to study the “new heaven” and learn how to convert, adapt and prepare your post-Africa life (It’s sad to see you going for no. 2). I left Africa thrice with scholarship; from 2005–2008, I did BSc in Singapore and went back to my country Nigeria after graduation. 2009-2010 I went back again after MSc in Oxford. I am now in London with the same plan to go back at the end of my PhD programme. What I tell other people, I do it myself.

Season 2: Sour/Bitter

In the dangerous voyage to “freedom” offered by the green card and living in Europe, thousands of Africans “useful, energetic” lads capsized and drowned in the island of Lampedusa. Today, many are in the most despicable Libyan captivity, tortured and sold out as slaves like sheep.

Emerging/developing countries like Nigeria require technology, technique, talent, time and tactics of young men and women such as me and you (if you’re young) to move from the artificially created poverty, conflicts, pandemic diseases, rape and murder to superpower with industrial capacity to compete with China in production, India in medicine or Japan in electronics. Running away from the problem will not solve the problem.


Africa has the highest number of people taking its resources out to develop others or at the worse, improve already developed ones. Seeking to go to America, Britain, Dubai etc? Are you comfortable and ready to leave your people dying behind and temporarily assuage your hardship? Can’t you develop a thicker skin to resist the “hopelessness” imposed on us by the media and their allies?

The good news; despair NOT. To enjoy most African countries, get a skill or set of skills, be creative, have a patriotic mind and try to live within your means. We get into trouble when we buy things we don’t need, with the money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like (I forgot who says that)

Picture Peep: The Horrible Journey

Here are some of the people who ask the same question you are asking now. What an unfortunate ending!

Lampedusa, Italy


Libya, Mediterranean

I must admit the fact that life in some Africa countries are tough. My advice is to stay home, build home, enjoy home!

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