The nature of women that kill’s women in society

The nature of women that kill's women in society

Many thing sure that drive ladies crazy is be to address wrongly. Below are reasons why some ladies live fake life in our society:-

No boobs?

  • Dang. Grow some.


  • You vulgar chick. Cover yourself.

No booty?

  • They’ll joke. Lol. Flat ass.


  • Ewww. You want to be sexually appealing. Huh?? Attention seeker.


  • You need to wear heels.


  • How can you be taller than your man? Huh?


  • No one likes a boney woman.


  • No body likes a fat woman.


  • That’s not real you. You fake ass.

No makeup?

  • Take care of yourself. You lazy ass.

Dark complexion?

  • “Nobody will marry her.”- Society.

Fair complexion?

  • Long queue behind her. She cheats and steals boyfriend.

No contact with boys?

  • Agh too much ego. Conservative. Villager.

Contact with boys?

  • Simple “She’s a Slut”.


  • Must have slept with her boss.

Wearing shorts/ jeans/ saree or anything?

  • Rape.


  • Men are men. What was she doing at that time.

No children?

  • Bet she can’t reproduce. She ain’t woman.


  • Culture less Bitch.

Late from work?

  • Obviously she was getting laid.

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